We’re on a mission

to create 3D scanning and measurement technologies that are simple and powerful.
Our user-friendly tools will enable you to use 3D data to its full potential for a variety of different industry applications.

Hi! We’re Polyga

We’re a developer of 3D scanning and measurement technologies based in Vancouver, Canada. We love combining the two things that we’re passionate about, 3D technology and making things easy to use. We have more than 10 years of experience building structured light 3D scanners and 3D software. We believe crafted products with features for solving real world problems, executed exceptionally well, enables our customers to accomplish their goals.

How We Do It

These are the guiding principles we take to heart when developing our products.

Focus on what’s important

We filter out the noise and get right to the core of what we want to achieve. An easier, simpler, and better way to solve complicated manufacturing challenges, and to do it really well.

Make it intuitive

Clunky workflow is our worst enemy. Why make a detour when there’s a direct route? Our goal is to make tools that works effortlessly so you can just focus on the important stuff.

Never stop improving

We’re always curious to see how we far we can push the boundaries. We question what’s currently being done so we can change the way we do things, for the better.

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Betaalbare Revers Engineering software (add on) voor Solidworks.
€ 1082.95 incl tax